Ready-made Expert Advisor

To get a ready-made Expert Advisor or Indicator, you need to pay its cost by one of the methods specified on the Payment web-page and send WhatsApp +79283690333,  e-mail at, which should contain the name of Expert Advisor or Indicator and a payment option. After doing that, your order will be immediately sent to you.

Order Expert Advisor development by your strategy

To order Expert Advisor or Indicator development in accordance with your strategy, you need to send detailed specifications to me at or via Skype: mqlcmillion. The specifications must include:

  1. Expert Advisor inputs
  2. Indicators used in the Expert Advisor (if any)
  3. Entry points (i.e. under what conditions a trade will be made or a pending order will be set)
  4. Lot size (a fixed or a floating (the lot changes depending on deposit size or other parameters) one)
  5. Stop-Loss and Take-Profit rules:

– they must have a fixed size or a size that changes due to conditions for a trade

– they must be set immediately after order has been opened or only upon certain conditions

Conditions for closing trades or deleting pending orders

What parameters do you want to be displayed on your trading terminal screen: balance, open orders, entry points, etc.?


The price for my services depends only on the complexity of your Expert Advisor or Indicator specifications and the time spent to examine the specifications and MQL programming itself. Avoid describing your specifications in too many details, since they only confuse me and you: just look at these examples of specifications and try to write in that way. After refining and approval for your specifications I’ll tell you the cost of my work and the completion date. If you come up with any ideas about improvements in the course of my work, after we have refined and approved for your specifications, all of the ideas will be considered as additional specifications. Minor improvements will be made for free, but price for solid improvements will be agreed separately. Should you have any questions after you have got your ready-made Expert Advisor or you found out that it doesn’t trade in accordance with your specifications, then I’ll fix the bugs for free.

The minimum cost of my services is 100$.

You can look at the examples of specifications here.

Payment method

WhatsApp +79283690333

Telegram: mqlcmillion

Skype: mqlcmillion