Multi-functional trawl, with a lot of settings and huge capabilities. It can track points, candles, fractals, ATR and Parabolic indicators.

It is possible to trace each order separately or all orders in the same direction from the point of their total breakeven.

You can configure three main zones.

  1. Transfer to breakeven. Let’s look at an example where the breakeven level is set in pips.

As soon as the position reaches the profit level of 100 points, the stop loss will be moved 10 p from the order opening price to the profit side. That is, the position closed on it will have a minimum profit of 10 p.

2) Trailing a losing position

3) Trailing a profitable position

You can specify a magic and then the adviser will only work with orders with this magic. If you specify magic = -1, the adviser will track all orders of the currency on which it is set.In order for the expert Advisor to track all currencies, it must be installed in the window of each currency pair that is being traded.

Cm EA Trailing V20
Cm EA Trailing V20
Version: 20
99.2 KiB