For a year – 200 usd
No time limit – 400 usd

A strategy based on triangular arbitration. At the same time, we open positions on three currency pairs. For example, EURUSD – USDJPY – EURJPY, i.e. we buy all three currencies so that the circle is closed. Thanks to this, wherever the price goes, open positions insure each other. Due to this, you can open quite large lots. The adviser will provide you with triangle options himself from all open pairs in the market overview. Expert Advisor opens positions at individual corners to compensate for the skew and thereby outputs the entire triangle to profit. You can test the Expert Advisor only in the MT5 tester or in real time on a demo account.
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In the first “Triangular” parameter, we select the options of triangles that are already embedded in the Expert Advisor.

If you leave this default parameter “manual input”, then you can specify your own pair options in the next three lines.

If you leave the following lines empty, then the adviser himself will offer a choice of all the options for triangles that he can collect from those pairs that are open in the market overview. Next, you just need to choose any option:

Next, the lot of each pair is set separately.

It is enough to specify the volume only in the first parameter, then the Expert Advisor will automatically calculate the lot for the remaining pairs of the triangle. If you need to adjust the calculated lot as a percentage, then you can specify any multiplication factor other than 1 in the K_Lot coefficient.

The “Profit close” parameter determines at what total profit in the deposit currency is closed

“spreadfilter” = x; – sets the spread filter. The EA will not open an additional position if the distance to it is less than “x Spread”. That is, if the current spread is 12 and the spreadfilter parameter=5, it will not open closer than 60 points.

Ktrends” determines when the adviser will open an additional position for this currency.
The parameter is set as a % of the average daily price movement over the last 2 weeks. For example, we have an average price movement of 706 points and when setting 25%, the opening of an additional position will occur when the position loss is 177 points. For each pair, the ADVISER will calculate its value accordingly.
If you specify 0, then there will always be no more than 3 positions in the triangle.

“Trend” just like Ktrends opens an additional position, only unlike Ktrends, the price should go into profit. (0 disabled)

MaxOrders = 10; – limit the number of positions for each pair. I recommend putting no more than 10 to protect your account from incorrect settings of the spread coefficient and the percentage of top-up.

The working time of the Expert Advisor is set by the parameters
TimeStart - the start time of the Expert Advisor in hours (2:00)
Time And - the end time of the ADVISER in hours (24:00)

The remaining parameters do not affect trading, they are needed to facilitate control and trading on a real account.

1 – The Trade ban button. The number in it indicates the triangle you selected from the list. If the button is pressed, the Expert Advisor will only be able to close already open positions, but it will not open new ones and top up.
2 – The button for forcibly closing all positions. It displays the total profit for all positions at the moment and in parentheses the profit at which the automatic closing will occur.
3 – Current Spread
4 – the number of open positions
5 – buttons for closing individual triangles and, accordingly, profit on them. On the right and left of the button, the maximum and minimum profit on the triangle from the moment of opening the first positions.
6 – The total lot of open positions.
7 – Statistics of the profit received for the entire history of trading

Setting up an Expert Advisor is very simple. It is enough to set Trend and trend in the range from 0 to 100%. And set the lot and profit for your account. For a deposit of 5000 usd, I recommend starting with the following parameters Ktrend = 25. trend = 0. Lot1 = 0.1, Profit_Close = 1;
Then you just need to select the desired triangle. Only one Expert Advisor can be placed in one terminal window, so there will be 1 triangle per window. To open several triangles at once, as in the screenshot, you need to open several windows and install your own adviser with your own version of the triangle in each window.

The Expert Advisor works for free on a demo account. The cost of the adviser for 1 trading account is 200 USD for 1 year and 400 USD without time limit. About its acquisition, write to me

All versions and the latest updates of the adviser on the telegram channel

You can download the Expert Advisor itself here:

Cm Triangular Network Trend 2.5
Cm Triangular Network Trend 2.5
Version: 2.5
173.5 KiB
Cm Triangular Network Trend 2.5
Cm Triangular Network Trend 2.5
Version: 2.5
129.0 KiB
Cm Triangular Network Auto 2.7
Cm Triangular Network Auto 2.7
Version: 2.7
213.7 KiB
Cm Triangular Network Auto 2.7
Cm Triangular Network Auto 2.7
Version: 2.7
143.7 KiB