For a year – 150 usd
No time limit for 1 trading account – 200 usd

Triangular arbitrage is the simultaneous opening of orders for three currency pairs. The direction of transactions and pairs are selected in such a way that simultaneously open positions insure each other. Due to this, you can open quite large lots, and the risk is low.

Triangle options:
The orders that are part of such a triangle are in constant motion. The Expert Advisor analyzes the real prices at the moment and calculates what they should be. If these values differ from the calculated values by a given amount, the Expert Advisor opens 3 transactions.

Example of a strategy:

We buy the EUR currency for the GBP currency. – EURGBP BUY
We buy the GBP currency for the USD currency. – GBPUSD BUY
We buy the USD currency for the EUR currency. – EURUSD SELL

The amount of profit on this goes to the plus, then to the minus, without going beyond a large framework, even with a very turbulent market. The Expert Advisor monitors the movement of currencies and closes all three at the right time with a total profit.
As a result, wherever the price moves, we are always insured! The essence of this strategy is that it can withstand any recoilless movements, and the deposit will not suffer. If you calculate the risks, then this is an unsinkable system !


  • Triangular – Selection of ready-made triangles. If manual input is selected, the Expert Advisor will take the currency pairs specified in the lines SYMBOL1 – SYMBOL3
  • SYMBOL1 = “EURUSD”; – Select pairs yourself
  • SYMBOL2 = “USDJPY”; – Select pairs yourself
  • SYMBOL3 = “EURJPY”; – Select pairs yourself. The pairs should be selected in a triangle in such a way that the currencies can compensate for each other.
  • % balance LOT = 1.0; – calculation of the lot as a percentage of the deposit. The Expert Advisor calculates the lot of each currency pair so that they compensate for each other. Therefore, the lots in pairs may be different. You can see which lot will be installed by hovering the mouse over the currency pair button.
  • FixLot 1-3 – A fixed lot for each currency. If 0 is specified, the calculation is automatic, depending on the equity percentage. I do not recommend using these parameters for those who have not figured out how to compensate for the lot. Leave them = 0! Then the Expert Advisor will count the lot as a percentage of the equity according to the parameter” % balance LOT “
  • MinProfit – The minimum profit in the deposit currency when the triangle is closed. Excludes closing in the negative with a low coefficient, spread.
  • closing time = 0; – close the triangle forcibly after a specified number of minutes (0-off)
  • K Spread = 0.5-10; – the coefficient of the total spread. Positions are opened when the total deviation from the calculated value exceeds the sum of all spreads multiplied by this coefficient. Thus , the higher the coefficient, the fewer transactions and the smaller the drawdown.
  • ProfitClose = 10; – % of the profit from the balance at which all positions will be closed. The Expert Advisor will close all transactions when the total profit on them reaches the specified value. If the value is set to 0, the parameter is disabled and the Expert Advisor will close trades only when there is a reverse offset at the calculated prices.
  • Loss_Close = 0; – % of the loss from the balance at which all positions will be closed. The Expert Advisor will close all trades when the total loss on them reaches the specified value. If the value is set to 0, the parameter is disabled.
  • Key=””; – key for a real account
  • WindSize = 1.2; – the size of the information window
  • Plus_font_size = 0; – font size

The TAR LITE 2 version is the simplest of all. It has the same principle of lot calculation as in the TAR BANK Expert Advisor. When installing, the Expert Advisor immediately offers all possible options for triangles. Your task is to choose the right one. To install all possible options, it is necessary to open a new window for each option and install the Expert Advisor there.

Ver 3.8

  • it has 5 options for calculating lots using various methods.
  • I made a top-up filter only for offset signals (offset)
  • fixed errors of previous versions
  • more in telegram chanel

Testing of multi-currency Expert Advisors is possible only in the MT5 tester. For MT4, testing is possible only on a demo account in real time.
Choose an account with no commission and a small spread . On a netting account, make sure that there are no identical currency pairs in different triangles. There is no such restriction for MT4 and MT5 HEDGE accounts. If the instruments have suffixes (EUR USD_i), then you need to register all currencies manually, taking into account their full name.

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