I present you a free Trailing by Equity.

This is a very convenient and necessary tool for those who have no time to sit at the monitor or if you just want to get a certain profit, fix it and close all open orders on the account.

The Expert Advisor is fully automatic, but if you want to interfere with its work, there is a Close button for this. The “Close” button allows you to close all currently open positions.


  • Total_Profit_Start = 5000; / / the amount in USD from which to start the trailing
  • profit_percent = 1; / / % Percentage of profit to start the trailing
  • profit_rollback = 0.5; // % The percentage of rollback for closing all orders

Example of the Trailing on equity with the settings shown above: if the Equity is less than $ 5000 then the trawl does not work, but monitors the situation on the account.If we scored 1% over $ 5000, ie 5005$ then the trawl is included in the work and at 0.5% rollback, that is, at 5002.5 will close all positions.If equity rose to 5010, For example, it will close at 5005 …. the Trawl works on all positions of the account, without dividing by magics and by currencies.  That is, all orders for all currency pairs open at the moment are taken into account.

Suggestions for expanding the functions write to me

The adviser is completely free, you can use it on any MT4 accounts. You can download the adviser here:

Cm Equity Tral
Cm Equity Tral
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