A trading robot based on technical analysis. The Expert Advisor uses 7 indicators.

It shows signals for all timeframes, and calculates the total percentage of the probability of price movement based on 63 signals. You can enable and disable various signals, entire timeframes and individual indicators. You can configure at what percentage the adviser will open positions himself. Or just trade in manual mode using it as an indicator. If the Trade button is pressed and the percentage in some direction has reached the set value, the Expert Advisor will open the corresponding position. The signals used for trading can be specified in using the buttons. To exclude any signal, just click on it. In case of a false signal, it is possible to turn on the lot increase and correct the situation.

Group in Telegram https://t.me/+R4IcgvyxbifFLSj5

The cost of the key for 1 trading account no time limit 50 usd

Payment methods: https://cmillion.ru/en/pay/
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  • Email address: cmillion@narod.ru
  • Skype: mqlcmillion
  • WhatsApp +79283690333
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  • Telegram: @mqlcmillion

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