Triangular arbitrage with full automatic!
In the parameters, it is enough to specify only the lot and profit!

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Lot = 0.1;
Lot Price – calculation of the lot of the second instrument at the price of the rest, otherwise all lots are equal as in versions 2.5 and below
Profit_Close = 5.0; //Profit Close (closing profit in the deposit currency)
K_Offset = 10.00; //K offset (koefficient open )
MinimumSpread = 1; //MinimumSpread (minimum spread if the real spread is less)
Time_Start = “1:00”;
Time_End = “18:30”;
MinProfit_Close = 0.1; //closing profit after TimeEnd (closing profit after TimeEnd)
Profit_Scalping = 0; //scalping closes a single profitable pair at the specified profit
Profit_Close_Day = 0;//Profit_Close_Dayclosing profit at the end of the day if the triangle amount is greater than the loss (in the deposit currency)
______ = “”;
Key = “xxxxxxxx”;
AlertON = false;
MagicPlus = 0; //MagicPlus (0 – auto) An increase to the calculated magic number
ScreenShot = false;

Trades on all triangles at once, which can be made up of instruments open in the market overview. The adviser himself determines all the triangles that can be made from the broker’s available tools. It analyzes the price shift in each triangle relative to the calculated one and opens the whole three at the right moment. Thus, all three instruments constantly insure each other by 100% and wherever the price goes, the total drawdown across the three will be small.


  1. Buy EUR currency for GBP currency– – EURGBP BUY
  2. Buy GBP currency for USD currency– – GBPUSD BUY
  3. We buy USD currency for EUR currency– – EURUSD SELL
    As a result, the triangle closed. The amount of profit for all goes to the plus, then to the minus, without going beyond the big limits, even with a very turbulent market. The Expert Advisor monitors the movement of currencies and closes all three at the right time with a total profit.
    As a result, wherever the price moves, we are always insured! The essence of this strategy is that it can withstand any recoilless movements, and the deposit will not suffer. Theoretically, you can trade manually using this system, but you need to open and close all three positions very quickly, and most importantly, control that all triangles are closed! TAR BANK finds hundreds of such triangles and controls them all!

100% protection due to constant monitoring of all triangles! The Adviser constantly monitors all open positions. If an order has not been opened for some triangle, then the adviser opens it at the first opportunity.

The Adviser’s working panel:

  1. The value of the offset coefficient set in the parameters is shown here.
  2. The number of triangles found. If you have 0, then just open all the tools in the market overview.
  3. The stop button of the adviser. If the button is pressed, then new triangles do not open, but for already open transactions, the adviser continues to work and brings them to close.
  4. The profit at which transactions are closed.
  5. The button for forcibly closing all positions when it is necessary.
  6. The lot of positions that you have set in the parameters
  7. The line for displaying operational information. In normal mode, the clock just goes there, and when an event occurs, the corresponding information is displayed. All information is also collected in a log file and displayed in the right part of the Adviser window.
  8. A window of information about the offset and transactions for a specific currency. If there are open positions for the pair, the Expert Advisor shows the profit for this position and its direction b – buy s – sell. If there is no open position, then the current price offset relative to the calculated one is displayed in the same window. Using these values, you can select the desired coefficient K offset (1)
  9. Profit of the entire triangle the
  10. name of the currency pair in the triangle. If it is painted red, then trading on it is prohibited. The reason for the ban can be found by hovering the mouse over this window.
  11. Triangle Number

For all windows, you can get additional information by simply hovering the mouse over the window.

The cost of this adviser is 200 USD for 1 account without time limit

payment methods
After payment, send the account number on which the adviser will trade to link the key

The Expert Advisor works in MT4 and MT5 terminals

Telegram channel

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