Good day, dear traders!

Recently I have been receiving very many questions about how to get an Expert Advisor via the affiliate program to trade on the Forex market. I have decided to answer to all the questions at a time and tell what a trading by an Expert Advisor offered the affiliate program is.

The article will be published on two web-sites – this web-site ( I shall explain you how to get a key using the affiliate program for Expert Advisors developed by Vladimir (owner of web-site).

As a first step, I recommend you to read my article – “How can you get Expert Advisors? Is it better to buy an Expert Advisor or to get it for free by registering an account using the affiliate link?”

After reading the article, you will understand that you will not spend even a cent if you buy an Expert Advisor via the affiliate program. You will get the Expert Advisor absolutely for free.

The following practice is popular among authors of Expert Advisors: you can get one Expert Advisor by opening one account using the affiliate program.

Vladimir offers another alternative: if you open your account via his affiliate program, you’ll get keys for all of the Expert Advisors available through the affiliate program.

It gives you a large field in which to maneuver. You will always be able to change an Expert Advisor running on your account, if you’re not satisfied with its results due to some reason, or to launch two Expert Advisors. As a whole, there are a lot of options. That is a great advantage.

I think it is simply a perfect option to start your way in autotrading: you can get Expert Advisor of high quality developed by a professional software programmer virtually for free.

To learn about how to open your account via the affiliate program in details, read the following article: How can I get a key for a Demo Expert Advisor?

The list of his Expert Advisors is rather impressive: it includes all the Expert Advisors placed on his web-site in the “Demo Expert Advisors” section plus a great many of Expert Advisors, which can be found on the online forum –

Below is not the complete list of these Expert Advisors. Some of their names contain direct hyperlinks, and other Expert Advisors can be easily found on the above-mentioned forum by using a search function:

Setka Limit Loc v2a
cm-Limit 7
cm-Limit 8
cm-Limit 9
Setka Limit Loc 7
Setka Limit Loc 8
Setka Limit Loc 5
Setka Limit Loc 9
Setka Limit Loc 10
Setka Stop Limit v4
cm-trend-polzuchka 4.8
cm_EA_ползучка Дня 1
ползучка ранние
cm-Trend-polzuchka test
cm_EA_ползучка Дня 2
cm_EA_ползучка 4.5
cm-Trend-polzuchka 2013.03.14
cm-trend 4
cm_EA_Trailing Limit Fractals
cm_EA_TrailingStopOrders 3r
cm_EA_TrailingStopOrders RSI 2,6
cm-trend-polzuchka 4,2
cm-polzuchka 140714
Setka Light v10
supersetka 8
supersetka 8,2
cm-NEW_SSetka 2.5
cm_EA Super Setka RSI
cm_EA News TimeM Virtual v3
EA News
cm-News 21.10.2012
cm_EA News Candle
cm_EA News TimeM v1
cm_EA News 17,05,13
cm-FractalMartin v1
SetkaProfitStop v1
cm_head_on 1
cm_head_on 1.4
cm_head_on 2
cm_head_on 3
cm-hourglass 05062014
cm ea triple hedge v1
cm-ParaStop 5.4
cm-ParaStop 5
cm-ParaStop 6
Martini 2
cm-разруливание усреднением
cm_ru 240913
cm_RULock 290814
cm_разруливатель_с_локом 23,07,2013 8865527
cm_RULock 200115
Тралл-Неваляшка 11.03.13
cm-Nevalyashka BB
StopLimitOrdersAlert v3
BreakdownLevelDay 010413
cm-management v 5.3

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