50 usd по текущему курсу
The cost for 1 trading account without time limits is 50 usd

The Expert Advisor does not use any indicators. Trades only based on price movement. When starting, the EA places two pending orders at a specified distance, after one has been triggered, the second one starts following the price, while the market order starts averaging according to the settings when it goes negative. When you go to plus, the series is closed by a trawl.


  • TrailingStart = 19; / / profit in points for starting the trail (minimum profit)
  • TrailingStop = 7; //start of the trail in points from the break-even point
  • Closing_at_zero = 10; //close all orders to zero when the number of orders exceeds
  • Step = 4;
  • Plus_Step = 3;
  • PercentLot = 0.1, / / percentage of the Deposit for calculating the first lot
  • K_Lot = 1.7;
  • slippage = 3, //Maximum allowable price deviation for market orders
  • magic = 0; //the magic number of the order.
  • CloseBy = false;/ / possibility of counter closing of positions

The cost of the key for 1 trading account without time limit is 50 USD. Options for obtaining a key for free can be found in the article: How to get a key for a shareware adviser.

For successful trading, you need to optimize the Expert Advisor on your trading account. You can read how to do this in the article Optimizing Expert Advisors. The Set file for optimization can be downloaded here together with the Expert Advisor.

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