Algorithm of operation:

When running the Expert Advisor, it will place two orders: in other words, it will create the first grid of orders, which lot size is increased in accordance with a “K_Lot”, and a distance between these orders is equal to the value of “Step” parameter.

Assume that the price is making pullbackless movements. The number of orders, which can be opened within the grid, has been limited by “MaxOrders”. As soon as the limit is reached, the Expert Advisor will open the second grid of orders in the same direction and with an initial lot size.

At that, a grid of orders opened in the opposite direction will not be closed, and the sum of lots of its open orders depends from a number of grids of the opposite open orders. The larger is their number, the higher is a lot (it is determined by “K_2_Lot” coefficient) of a grid of orders opened in the trend direction.

If there are more than two grids of orders opened in one direction, then every grid is, so to say, averaged by a subsequent grid. So, the Expert Advisor treats the whole grid as a separate position.

Settings of the Expert Advisor:

extern int     Step           = 10;    //расстояние между открываемыми ордерами в сетке ордеров 
extern double  FixLot         = 0.01;  //фиксированный лот
extern double  LotPercent     = 0.01;  //рассчет лота как процент от депо
extern double  K_Lot          = 1.7;   //умножение лота 
extern double  K_2_Lot        = 1.2;   //умножение лота противоположной сети если основная вошла переоткрылась
extern int     Takeprofit     = 40;    //тейкпрофит
extern double  PercentClose   = 0.1;   //закрывать все ордера при получении профита в проценте от депозита
extern int     MaxOrders      = 14;    //максимальное кол-во ордеров одной сети
extern int     slippage       = 30;    //проскальзывание
extern int     Magic          = 1000;  //уникальный номер ордеров
extern int     DigitsLot      = 2;     //округление лота (2 - 0,01) (1 - 0,1)




cm-mesh nets GC 2

Price – 500$