“cm-F1” Expert Advisor uses signals of an indicator developed specifically for it to place orders.

The timeframe, on which the indicator will use these signals, is set in the settings of the given Expert Advisor. If TF = 0, then data will be used from the current timeframe.

If the signal happens to be a false, and the price doesn’t hit a take-profit level, then the Expert Advisor will place a series of averaging orders on the basis of the indicator and close the series according to its settings.

A distance between averaging orders, their lot multiplier and parameters for their closing can be set individually for each order. It allows fine-tuning a mechanism of averaging and closing of the series of orders.

Lot_Step” is very interesting. If enabled, the Expert Advisor will increase a lot size depending on the distance, which the price has moved, until a signal for opening an averaging order comes.

The Expert Advisor has a limit on the maximum lot. If, for example, MaxLot = 15, then all the subsequent orders of the series will be opened with a lot of 15, when this value is reached.




Settings of the Expert Advisor:

extern double B1 = 5.5;
extern int T1 = 30;
extern int TF = 0;
extern double Lot = 0.01;
extern double MaxLot = 15; //максимальный лот
extern bool Lot_Step = true; //зависимость лота от расстояния
extern int Step_1 = 10; //шаг между 1 и 2 ордерами
extern int Step_2 = 15; //шаг между 2 и 3 ордерами
extern int Step_3 = 20; //шаг между 3 и 4 ордерами
extern int Step_4 = 25; //шаг между 4 и 5 ордерами
extern int Step_5 = 30; //шаг между 5 и последующими ордерами
extern double K_Martin_1 = 1.5; //умножение лота 2 ордера
extern double K_Martin_2 = 2.0; //умножение лота 3 ордера
extern double K_Martin_3 = 3.0; //умножение лота 4 ордера
extern double K_Martin_4 = 4.0; //умножение лота 5 ордера
extern double K_Martin_5 = 8.0; //умножение последующих ордеров
extern int Takeprofit_1 = 50; //тейкпрофит первого ордера
extern int Takeprofit_2 = 40; //тейкпрофит от безубытка 2х оредов
extern int Takeprofit_3 = 30; //тейкпрофит от безубытка 3х оредов
extern int Takeprofit_4 = 20; //тейкпрофит от безубытка 4х оредов
extern int Takeprofit_5 = 10; //тейкпрофит от безубытка 5и и более оредов
extern int Stoploss = 0; //стоплосс
extern int Magic = 0;
extern bool DrawInfo = true; //вывод информации на экран
extern color text_color = Aqua; //цвет вывода информации
extern int DigitsLot = 2; //округление лотов ордеров 1- десятые (0.1) 2 сотые (0.01)
extern int slippage = 3;
extern string comment = "F1"; //коментарии ордерам

Price – 300$