In the Expert Advisor settings, we set the time section with the parameters BoxTimeStart and BoxTimeEnd (the first and last hours of the control period), and with the parameters MinBreakdown and MaxBreakdown (minimum and maximum breakdown length), we set the breakdown length of this time section.
After being installed on the chart, the adviser will start placing orders for the breakdown of this section. At the breakdown, two grids are opened – along the trend and against the trend with different steps and coefficients.
If there is a clear breakdown, then we gain volume according to the trend and close with a take profit, if the breakdown is false, then we average against the trend and also close our orders with a profit.

  • BoxTimeStart = 3; //first hour of the control period
  • BoxTimeEnd = 9; //last hour of the control period
  • MinBreakdown = 0; //minimum breakdown length
  • MaxBreakdown = 10, //maximum breakdown length
  • Takeprofit = 10, //Takeprofit in points if 0 then by the size of the box
  • Step_Trend = 10; //Step topping up according to the trend
  • Step_Afte_Trend = 50; //Topping up step against the trend
  • Lot = 1.00; //lot
  • K_Lot_Trend = 0.80; //lot coefficient according to the trend
  • K_Afte_Trend = 1.50; //lot coefficient against the trend
  • color_BAR = DarkBlue; //color info
  • Magic = 0; //unique order number of the adviser slippage = three; //slip
  • Key = 182468; //key for working on a real account

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alpary 2
alpary 3
alpary 4
alpary 5

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