The EA closes all orders when the specified amount of profit or loss in the Deposit currency is reached.The EA works on the pair that it is thrown on or on all the instruments of the account.As soon as the profit on all open orders (if AllSymbol = true then the entire account, if AllSymbol = false then only orders of the current currency pair) reaches the ProfitClose level (in the Deposit currency), all orders will be closed. ProfitClose and LossClose are specified in the Deposit currency.

ProfitClose = 10; / / close all orders when receiving a profit
LossClose = 1000; / / close all orders when a loss is received
AllSymbol = false;/ / take into account all tools or only the one that the EA is based on
AllMagik = false;/ / consider all magics or only those specified in the Magik variable
Magik = “0,1,2,3,4,5” – specify which magics to control, if AllMagik=true, then all;


There are several expert advisors working on Your account. They opened many orders in different currencies. As soon as the total profit on the account reaches $ 15 (set in the parameters) or the loss reaches $ 1000, all orders will be closed.

CloseProfit 601
CloseProfit 601
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