In this article, I will try to describe how to install the sh adviser in the terminal and make its settings.
First you need to download the adviser from the site or from the telegram channel and install it in the desired terminal folder. To make it easier to find the “right” folder, launch the terminal and click ” open data folder”

The MQL5 folder opens. Go to it, then Expert. It is in the Expert folder that you need to put the downloaded expert Advisor in ex5 or ex4 format (for the MT4 terminal)

Next, we update the terminal and see that our adviser appears in the Navigator.

Choosing a trading pair.

The expert Advisor can trade on any combination of instruments, but for effective and safe operation, it is necessary that the pair of instruments correlate with each other. What is correlation is written in the description of the adviser and we will not stop here now. The EA is incorporated by default the combination of correlated instruments. If you set Instrumet 2 = AUTO in the column, the expert Advisor will select the second tool from the table

Thus, if we set the EA to EURUSD, and
Instrumet 2 = AUTO, then it will select the second instrument USDCHF.

How to choose other suitable tools

Если в параметре Instrumet_2 не указывать AUTO, а оставить строку пустой. Или установить советник на такой инструмент, которого нет в списке. То советник будет выбирать наиболее подходящий инструмент из тех, что открыты в данный момент в окне инструментов. И предложит отсортированный по корреляции список. Например мы установим советник на акции Норильского никеля MNOD.L. Получаем таблицу из всех вариантов доступных в окне инструментов.

The first in the list is the tool itself on which the adviser stands, it is naturally not chosen because it always correlates with itself by 100% and we will never get deals. By changing the number of candles in the parameter, we can see how the instruments correlate over a longer period.
You need to choose the tool that best correlates with our MNOD.L at various segments of the correlation measurement.

I plan to develop this article as I get more questions, so don’t hesitate to ask them. The adviser has a group in telegram there I answer questions and help set up the adviser, please contact.

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