The Script will place both a Stop order and a Limit order at the single price level, to which you have drag-and-dropped the script by holding the left mouse button. Pending orders will be placed at a distance equal to spread size.

You should use the Script with a broker offering a fixed spread only.

To learn more how to install scripts, read here.


extern int     Stoploss_Limit    = 0,     //стоплосс ордеров
               Takeprofit_Limit  = 0;     //тейкпрофит ордеров
extern double  Lot_Limit         = 0.2;   //лот
extern int     Magic_Limit       = 0;     //уникальный номер ордеров этого советника
extern int     Stoploss_Stop     = 0,     //стоплосс ордеров
               Takeprofit_Stop   = 0;     //тейкпрофит ордеров
extern double  Lot_Stop          = 0.1;   //лот
extern int     Magic_Stop        = 0;     //уникальный номер ордеров этого советника
extern bool    comment           = true;  //выводить информацию на экран


StopLimitOrders Spread
StopLimitOrders Spread
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