The cost of the key is 60usd You can also get an adviser for free under the affiliate program.

It is one of the versions of the “Creeping grid” Expert Advisor.

Algorithm of operation:

When running the Expert Advisor, it will place Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders at the pre-defined distance from the price (distance_from_price_to_the_first_order). Depending on the price direction, one of the orders becomes a market one, and the other one starts to “crawl” after the price. When the price pulls back, the latter order also becomes a market one.

When one of these orders hits a pre-set profit, then it will be closed, and a new “crawling” pending order will be placed in the same direction.

If the profit is not hit, and the price goes the other way, the Expert Advisor will average trades by placing “crawling” pending orders, until a grid of all orders has ultimately a profit and closes by total pre-set profit.

This is how the given version of the Expert Advisor works.



The Expert Advisor has very flexible settings and a great many methods of opening and closing orders.

You can allow the Expert Advisor to trade only in one direction which you can set by yourself (allow_Buy_trades and allow_Sell_trades) or disallow it to place the first pending order at all, when running it (disallow_the_first_order). After doing that, it will become your assistant in manual trading.

In other words, the Expert Advisor will be activated and manage orders, if only you have placed them manually in accordance with your trading system.

Orders can be placed by a signal generated by RSI indicator (Indicator_settings = “RSI”).

The Expert Advisor features a function that allows trailing orders based on candlesticks, fractals or points. It also closes orders in various ways.

If you wish to learn more about the Expert Advisor, please read comments for all its settings carefully. There you will find out in details what every setting is responsible for.

Setting options:

  • allow_Buy_trades = true; //allows Buy trades
  • allow_Sell_trades = true; //allows Sell trades
  • disallow_the_first_order = true; //disallows placing the first order; allows placing the first order, if there is a market order with a magic number (Magic). 
  • place_orders_in_the_trend_direction = false; //places orders in the trend direction
  • distance_from_price_to_the_first_order = 10; //distance from the current price to the first order expressed in the number of pips
  • MinDistance = 30; //disallows placing pending orders at the distance less than the value of OrdersMinSart expressed in pips away from the current
  • order_step = 5; //step for moving a pending order
  • distance_between_orders = 30; //distance between orders in pips
  • max_loss = 100000; //maximum loss of orders placed in one direction, after which trades opened in this direction cannot be placed
  • LossClosebyTotalProfit = 10.0; //maximum loss of orders placed in one direction, after which trades will be closed by total profit only
  • order_volume = 0.1; //order volume
  • add_order_volume = 0.0; //adds the value to the lot size of each subsequent trade 
  • multiply_order_volume = 1.5; //multiplies the lot size of each subsequent trade by the value
  • round_lots = 2; //lots of orders to be rounded: 1 – up to one decimal place (0.1), 2 – up to two decimal places (0.01)
  • profit_for_closing_2_directions = 10.0; //profit in deposit currency by which orders placed in all directions will be closed //(when orders placed in one direction have a loss, then a total profit locked in after closing of all orders will be defined by this parameter)
  • profit_for_closing_1_direction = 50.0; //profit in deposit currency by which orders placed in one direction will be closed
  • К_autocalculation_of_profit = 50; //coefficient for automatic calculation of profit
  • LossClose = 100000.0; //loss in deposit currency by which orders placed in one direction will be
  • string ____________________ = “”;
  • Trailing_settings = “0 – disabled, 1 – candlesticks, 2 – fractals, >2 – points”; extern int trailing_length = 1; // length of trailing
  • trailing_step = 0; // step of trailing – moves stop-loss at the distance not less than the trailing step
  • trailing_min_profit = 10; // minimum profit in pips to trail
  • distance_from_fractal_candlestick = 0; // distance from a fractal, a candlestick, etc. 
  • candlestick_or_fractal_timeframe = 15; // timeframe of a candlestick or a fractal chart to trail (0 – the current timeframe) 
  • __________________ = “”;
  • Other_settings = “”;
  • Magic = 777; //integer number
  • font size=10; //font size in units
  • info_color = Lime; //color of displayed information
  • Stoploss = 0; //stop-loss in points
  • Takeprofit = 0; //take-profit in points
  • indicator = “RSI”;
  • open_1_order_by_indicator = false; //if false, places market orders regardless of the indicator’s signals
  • oversold_area = 15; //when the price enters the area, places the first order
  • overbought_area = 85; // when the price enters the area, places the first order
  • RSI_Period = 5; indicator_timeframe = 0; // 0 – the current timeframe, 1 – minute timeframe, 60 – hourly timeframe …
  • Key = 0;

This is a demo-version of the Expert Advisor. You may use it in a Strategy Tester and on demo accounts without any limits. You need to enter a key to start trading on a real account. Learn more ….

Why it does pay to make use of an affiliate program, if you want to get the key. Read here.

Besides, you can order development of Expert Advisor in accordance with your specifications any time.

The expert Advisor is created in two versions for the MT4 and MT5 terminals.

The cost of the Expert Advisor is 60 USD for one account or 250 USD for all accounts without time limit.

Payment methods:

You can also get an adviser for free under the affiliate program. About its acquisition, write to me

You can download and test the Expert Advisor for free on a demo account and in a tester

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Cm EA TrailingStopOrders 3r En
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