The EA builds two lines on the chart at startup: green (start) and red (stop).
You can move the lines anywhere with the mouse. At the same time, if the green line is above the red line, then in the future we plan to place a buy-stop order, if the green line is below the red one, then the sell-stop is accordingly.

If the price has crossed the start line, a stop order is placed at the distance specified in the parameters from this line. If the price has reached a stop order, the EA stops working. If the price has not reached the stop order, and turned around and crossed the stop line, the order is deleted and the script finishes.


extern double Lot = 0.01; / / lot of orders
extern int Level = 25; / / distance from start line to pending order
extern int SL = 25; / / distance from stop to Stoploss
extern int Magic = 123321;

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