Pay for the order by one of the methods listed below:

  • Tinkoff 2200 7001 2112 1478
  • Sberbank 2202 2014 4846 6009
  • YooMoney 4048 0250 0062 6724
  • WebMoney Z877900489721
  • USDT   TRC20            TQaDm2xErrf1wKLvJDMJBcMe6mUUr4NaC5

To get the key to the Expert Advisor, pay its cost using one of the above methods and then send me a message in which you specify the name of the program and the payment method. I’ll send you the key right after that.

You can contact me in the following way: below:

Payment using
Yoo money 41001432705438

The maximum amount of 1 payment under the Yumani system is limited to 15,000 rubles. Therefore, to pay a larger amount, divide one payment into several payments, each no more than 15,000 rubles

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