The work of the adviser
The Expert Advisor tracks open positions for all or a given instrument.
When the specified profit is reached, it closes part of the position. You can select the desired magic or specify -1 so that the adviser takes into account all the magics.
You can specify 4 levels of closing positions. For example, after 50 points, close 50% After 100 points, close another 30% After 150 points, close 10 % and after 250 points, close the remaining 10%
At the first partial closing, the Expert Advisor transfers the position to breakeven + NoLoss points of profit. For example, NoLoss=10 g then when 100 p of profit is reached, the Expert Advisor will close 50% of the position and put SL above (for buy) the opening price by 10 points

The Expert Advisor is free, if you need to add something to it, you can contact

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Cm Partial Closing Position
Cm Partial Closing Position
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Cm Partial Closing Position
Cm Partial Closing Position
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