price for 1 account – 50 usd

Description of the adviser’s work
Two stop orders are placed at a distance of Step from the price (configurable). If a stochastic filter is used, the order is sent only in the direction of the filter. For example, at the start, a Buystop is set at 1.2500 with the size of 1 lot. The opposite order (if it was opened) is removed and a BuyStop of 2 lots is placed at a distance of Step from the first one (sell). Then, the price turned around and opened Buy 2 lots. Then the third order is placed – again SellStop-already in 4 lots, at the price of the first Sell. The price did not reach the profit and again the reversal in the direction of Sell. A third order is opened-SellStop. Next, the 4th order is placed – the 2nd Buystop at the Buy price of 8 lots, in place of the first buy order. Etc……

All orders are placed at the same level – in our example, the 1st sell PRICE is 1.2500 and the 1st buy price is 1.2510! If you set the StepPlus parameter greater than 0 then new orders will be opened with an offset by the specified amount

The result is a swing, with the advantage of one side. Of course, there is still enough Deposit to support orders. Next, when the drawdown is set, the adviser will put a lock.

Step * – Distance between orders
PlusStep * – channel expansion Step
TrailingStart * – Profit in points for starting the trail (minimum profit)
TrailingStop * – start of the trawl in points from the breakeven point input
FixLot – volume of the initial order
LotPercent – % of the balance when calculating autolot
K_Lot – coefficient of increase of the opposite lot
Closing_at_zero – the number of open positions after which we close all (when zero profit is reached)
TimeStart, TimeEnd – limit the adviser’s working time
Use_Filter_Stochastic-Filter for the first entry
KPeriod, DPeriod , Slowing, LevelDn, LevelUp-Stochastic parameters
Key-key for working on a real account
StopTrade = true; – stop trading after taking a profit
* – measured in points (increases 10 times on 5-digit quotes)

The adviser is shareware. You can use it in the tester and on demo accounts without any restrictions. To work on a real account, you need a key. The cost of the key is 50 USD per th trading account with no time limit.
Payment methods.
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On the MT5 forum for this adviser, there is a topic where you can ask questions and suggest improvements.
After the payment, send me the number of your trading account, where the Expert Advisor will work, and I will send the key in the response message

ParaStop 7.1
ParaStop 7.1
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ParaStop TP 2.3
ParaStop TP 2.3
Version: 2.3
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