The given Expert Advisor differs from other Expert Advisors in that it can be tested in a strategy tester to obtain optimal parameters.

The Expert Advisor analyzes not only the price action, but the size of candlesticks. It will place orders at the distance equal to step value from a candlestick’s open price. If the candlestick’s size is more than the step value, then an order will be opened, and an opposite order will be deleted. If the candlestick’s size is less than the step value of a pending order, then orders will be moved at the distance equal to the step value from the next candlestick’s open price again. It stands to reason that a timeframe is important to the Expert Advisor: I recommend using M15, but you can try out other timeframes.

This is a demo-version of the Expert Advisor. You may use it in a Strategy Tester and on demo accounts without any limits. You need to enter a key to start trading on a real account. Learn more ….

There is a topic about the Expert Advisor on the MT5 forum, where you can find more details of its operation, discussion and all its improvements.

cm_EA News Candle 2010 - 2012 100usd


Cm EA News Candle
Cm EA News Candle
cm_EA News
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