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The Expert Advisor will measure price velocity (rate at which the price is changing) and open trades in the direction of the price, when the price velocity starts to slow or accelerate.

Afterwards, it will manage these trades by a trailing stop, which also depends on the price velocity.In other words, when the price velocity slows, the Expert Advisor will set stop-loss closer to the current price; when the price velocity accelerates, the Expert Advisor will set stop-loss far from the current price so that the price can gain its weight and the stop-loss is not triggered, when there is the market noise. Take-profit will also be moved following the price, when the price velocity slows or accelerates.

Moving a stop-loss to breakeven. If necessary, you can enable the function of moving a stop-loss to breakeven, when a predetermined level of profit in points is hit.

Trailing. The Expert Advisor allows you setting any trailing stop.

Money management. The Expert Advisor provides you a choice between a fixed lot and a floating lot (depending on how much of percentage value of deposit the given lot equals to).

Visualization. The Expert Advisor will draw lines of orders, when it opens or closes them, on chart (just like in Visualization mode, while testing in a Strategy Tester) so that you can clearly see all the trades made by the Expert Advisor.

The Expert Advisor will work on the timeframe, on which it is running at the time. H1 and higher timeframes are recommended.

Its package contains a unique indicator – “Velocity” Indicator – that measures price velocity.

Here is an example how the “Velocity” Expert Advisor trades:


To get a ready-made Expert Advisor or Indicator, you need to pay its cost by one of the methods specified on the Payment web-page and send an e-mail at cmillion@narod.ru, which should contain the name of Expert Advisor or Indicator and a payment option. After doing that, your order will be immediately sent to you.

Expert Advisor parameters:

  • K_VES = 2.5 coefficient for determining the rate of price change;
  • T_Per = 30 size of the period for determining the rate;
  • TF = H1 timeframe indicatorminstep = 10
  • MinStep  between orderamy
  • lot = 0.00 if 0, then a lot is defined as
  • LotPercent % of the balance lotpercent = 0.1 what percentage of the Deposit to trade.
  • K_Martin = 1.5 multiplication factor of subsequent lots
  • TakeProfit = 50 TakeProfit from the breakout point
  • trailingstart = 1 minimum profit trala
  • tarelingstop = 10 TrailingStop from the breakout point
  • closeprofit = 1000 close on the total profit in the Deposit currency
  • closeloss = -0 close on the total loss in foreign currency deposits


Cm Velosity 12 T
Cm Velosity 12 T
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