The “TradeLINES” trading system is based on the method of slanted price channels developed by Victor Barishpoltz and channel breakouts.

Basis: support and resistance lines.

Entry conditions: When the price hits the support line, the Expert Advisor will place a Buy order. When the price hits the resistance line, Buy orders will be closed, and Sell orders will be opened. When these lines are broken out, then the corresponding orders will be set.

STOP-LOSSES of all orders will be set at the opposite lines.

FILTERS. It has filters, which are responsible for its operation time (for example, they disallow trading on Friday or during Asian flat market).

Moving a stop-loss to breakeven. If necessary, you can enable the function of moving a stop-loss to breakeven, when a predetermined level of profit in points is hit.

Trailing. The Expert Advisor allows you setting any trailing stop.

Visualization. Support and resistance lines are displayed on the chart, when the Expert Advisor is running. The Expert Advisor will draw lines of orders, when it opens or closes them, on chart (just like in Visualization mode, while testing in a Strategy Tester) so that you can clearly see all the trades made by the Expert Advisor.

The Expert Advisor will work on the timeframe, on which it is running at the time. H1 and higher timeframes are recommended.

Here is an example how the “TradeLINES” Expert Advisor trades:


To get a ready-made Expert Advisor or Indicator, you need to pay its cost by one of the methods specified on the Payment web-page and send an e-mail at, which should contain the name of Expert Advisor or Indicator and a payment option. After doing that, your order will be immediately sent to you.

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Cm EA Tradelines
Cm EA Tradelines
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