The trading system is based on fractal breakout and doesn’t use any indicators.

Basis: The Expert Advisor will always hold two stop-orders of both directions opened. Levels of the open price of these orders correspond to the closest fractals. These levels move following the price in the course of trading. In the event of a situation, where the Expert Advisor places a stake at counter-trend trading, it will increase the lot size and thereby making a break-even level closer.

STOP-LOSS will be set, if only a series of all orders of the corresponding direction has a profit, i.e. if the profit is positive in case all orders of the series are closed by stop-loss. It doesn’t allow your dealing center have an influence on your deposit.

TAKE-PROFIT will be set immediately after an order is opened. Its size can be increased, when new orders are added.

Trailing. The Expert Advisor allows you setting trailing stop based on fractals, candlesticks, and points. Trailing is enabled, if only the whole series of orders is profitable.

Visualization. The Expert Advisor will draw lines of orders, when it opens or closes them, on chart (just like in Visualization mode, while testing in a Strategy Tester). Additionally, the minimum levels, at which orders are placed, break-even levels common for the whole series of orders, and levels, at which a series of all orders is profitable, are displayed visually.

The Expert Advisor will work on the timeframe, on which it is running at the time.

Here is an example how the “FractalScalp” Expert Advisor trades:



Strategy Tester Reports:

To get a ready-made Expert Advisor, you need to pay its cost by one of the methods specified on the Payment web-page and send an e-mail at, which should contain the name of Expert Advisor or Indicator and a payment option. After doing that, your order will be immediately sent to you.

Price – 200$