With any price movement ExpertNET collects profit for you!
The EA places pending orders in both directions from the price according to the network principle. When one is triggered, missing links are added, so there is always a specified number of pending orders in the system. Stop loss and take profit are placed immediately with orders.The STOP LOSS of orders is initially placed on the adjacent Stop Order (parameters can be changed).Timeframe. The Expert Advisor works on any timeframe and currency pair.
An example of the Expert NET Advisor’s work:

The adviser is conditionally free. You can use it in the tester and on demo accounts without any restrictions. To work on a real account, you need a key. More details….On the
telegram channel, you can ask questions about it.

  • To work on a real need to enter the key in the settings (key) 
  • The key is tied to a specific account number.
  • To get the key pay $ 50 please note the Commission of paypal +5%
  • Send the number of your trading account on which the adviser will work on mail or cmillion@narod.ru
  • Whatsapp Viber: +79283690333
  • Telegram: @mqlcmillion
  • Skype: mqlcmillion
  • The comments indicate payment method. https://cmillion.ru/en/pay/
  • Keys for all of you can receive updates for free.
  • You can attach your name to the adviser that he could work on any account with any broker opened in your name. Such binding is 200 usd.

RoboForex USDJPY
RoboForex USDJPY
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ExpertNET V10
ExpertNET V10
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ExpertNET V10en
ExpertNET V10en
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