The Expert Advisor trades on instruments with a direct correlation. The number of trading instruments is limited only by the parameter input field. Recommend to install at least 3. Too many tools, too don’t ask. In order not to overload the Expert Advisor with calculations, 5-10 is enough.

ver 1.0

ver 1.4

The Expert Advisor sells (sell) at the highest of all instruments and simultaneously buys (buy) at the lowest. Due to this, it turns out insurance against any currency movements. But the main thing is to choose the tools themselves in such a way that they are well correlated with each other. This can be done using the CORR script. Choose only the tools with positive correlation marked in green! Transactions are closed as soon as the total profit reaches the specified value as a percentage of the deposit.
Attention! All parameters are set as a percentage of the deposit!


  • Fix_Lot – Fixed Lot
  • Lot % – The volume of transactions, set as a percentage of the deposit size
  • MaxLot – maximum volume of transactions for one instrument
  • MaxOrders – The maximum number of simultaneously opened positions for all instruments
  • TF-timeframe on which the Expert Advisor works
  • barscorrelation – the number of bars on which the EA calculates the divergence of instruments
  • profitclose – profit in the currency at which transactions are closed
  • % Balance Profit – the percentage of profit from the deposit at which the EA closes all positions
  • losstopping – the percentage of loss of the position at which the Expert Advisor allows you to open additional pairs
  • TimeStart – start time of the Expert Advisor
  • timeEnd – the end time of the Expert Advisor

Testing of multi-currency Expert Advisors is only possible in the MT5 tester. For MT4, testing is possible only on a real-time demo account.

Buying, renting

  • 75 usd to 1 account for 6 months
  • 300 usd without time limit on 1 account
  • 300 usd for all accounts for 1 year

You can ask questions, discuss the Expert Advisor and download its latest versions in the Telegram and Skype groups
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  • WhatsApp 9283690333
  • Telegram: @mqlcmillion

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ICB (Insured Currency Basket)
ICB (Insured Currency Basket)
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ICB (Insured Currency Basket)
ICB (Insured Currency Basket)
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ICB 1.4
ICB 1.4
Version: 1.4
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ICB 1.4
ICB 1.4
Version: 1.4
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