For a year – 150 usd
No time limit – 300 usd

The Expert Advisor trades on instruments with a high correlation. At the same time, he insures (hedges) each transaction is made at the expense of another instrument.
The principle of insurance is that we buy one instrument, and sell the opposite one. Since pairs with a positive correlation always follow in the same direction, the Expert Advisor cannot get a big loss in total. This method of trading insures transactions and therefore a stop loss is not needed here!
The EA calculates the lot based on the tick value and the current balance. This is done so that one instrument (a currency pair) can compensate for another….

For example:
EURJPY-CHFJPY-correlation 89-100%
CADJPY-AUDJPY-correlation 95%
EURJPY-CADJPY-correlation 87-94%
EURJPY-AUDJPY-correlation 80-92%

I selected these pairs using a script that determines the correlation for a given period of time (BEST CORRELATION). You can also use the CORR script..

The Expert Advisor sells (sell) at the highest of all instruments and simultaneously buys (buy) at the lowest. Due to this, insurance against any currency movement is obtained. The main thing is to choose the tools themselves in such a way that they correlate well with each other. This can be checked by the nature of the movement of currencies, they almost repeat the movement of each other! Transactions are closed as soon as the total profit reaches the specified value as a percentage of the deposit.


SB= “EURJPY, CHFJPY, CADJPY, AUDJPY”; – here we list the instruments we are going to trade on, separated by commas.
the options can be different, the number of tools is also unlimited.

    The main condition for choosing tools is their mutual correlation. The CORR script will help you choose the tools

TF = M5; – The choice of the timeframe for which we control the correlation
BarsCorrelation = 1000; – The number of candles on which we control the correlation

MinDeltaOpen = 50; – The minimum distance between the tools. If the instruments are very close to each other, the Expert Advisor will not allow opening counter trades. The parameter is set in points.
If the filter is enabled, the Expert Advisor shows the correlation value for the selected pairs

FilterCorrel = 10; – The correlation filter will monitor the correlation of instruments during trading. If at some point the instruments stop correlating, the filter will prohibit trading on them. To disable the filter, set filter off.


calculation of profit and lot = % ;- calculation of profit in % or in currency
Computation_lot = 0,1; – calculation of the lot. The lot is calculated as a percentage of the balance or set as the minimum, depending on the calculation of profit and lot parameter . Calculation based on the tick value of the corresponding instrument. If we choose the general calculation not as a percentage, but in a currency, then the lot will be calculated as follows:
The Expert Advisor finds the instrument with the highest tick value and puts the minimum lot specified in the MANY parameter for it. For all other instruments, the lot increases in accordance with their value.
If we set the calculation as a percentage, then the lot of each instrument is calculated based on the cost of its current, taking into account the current balance.
Thus, the lots of all instruments are equated to the single currency of the account and compensate for each other.

ProfitClose = 10.0; – Profit in the deposit currency or as a percentage at which we close all positions. For example, in our case, 10 USD and with such a profit, all transactions will be closed.
ProfitTral – the profit trail. The start of the trawl occurs when the total profit on all instruments reaches ProfitClose and closes when the profit becomes less on ProfitTral. If ProfitTral = then the trawl is disabled. Depending on the choice of calculation profit, the profit is indicated in the currency or as a percentage of the deposit
LossClose = 100.0; – Loss (Stop loss). It is measured in the deposit currency or in%, depending on the calculation profit & lot parameter. If the deposit is in dollars, which means that as soon as the drawdown reaches 100 USD, all open positions will be closed.
ProfitClose One = 0.0; – Profit on one instrument. If this tool is in profit and is not in an extreme position, then we close it separately from everyone. 0 – disabled. It is also set in % or in currency, depending on the calculation profit & lot parameter

TimeStart = 0; – The hour when the Expert Advisor starts working.
timeEnd = 24; – The hour of the end of the adviser’s work.
The Expert Advisor can open trades only in the interval between
TimeStart and timeEnd
Order Balance– maintain the balance of opposite positions. When enabled, the number of buy and sell positions will be maintained at the same level.
MaxOrders – the maximum number of open positions

Additional parameters

Key = “316257801759471122709865ICB64908106”; – the key for working on a real account. To get it, contact the developer (details below in the text)
WindSize = 1.2; – the size of the information window. If the text matches each other, then increase this parameter to 1.5 or 2
Plus_font_size = 0; – the text size can be from -3 to 5, depending on how your monitor is configured
AlertON = true; – sending an alert when the Expert Advisor is active
SendMailInfo = false; – sending a message to your email about the actions of the Expert Advisor
Magic = 123; – magic number of the Adviser’s orders. If there are several Expert Advisors on the same account, then put different values here
ScreenShot = true; – Saving screenshots for all actions of the adviser to the files folder of the terminal

You can stop the Expert Advisor by clicking on the “Trading is allowed” button
If the button is pressed, it turns red. But the Expert Advisor does not throw open trades. He will bring them to close, but will not open new positions. Also, when trading is prohibited by time. The Expert Advisor brings already open positions to profit, but does not open new ones.

During the trading process, you can independently close some or all positions by clicking on the corresponding buttons

About its acquisition, write to me

chanel in telegram

The LITE version is simpler and has a slightly different algorithm for constructing lines (by % volatility)

You can download the Expert Advisor itself here: And on the telegram channel

ICB 5.85
ICB 5.85
Version: 5.85
239.1 KiB
ICB 5.84
ICB 5.84
Version: 5.84
146.4 KiB
ICB Lite 2.5
ICB Lite 2.5
Version: 2.5
110.2 KiB
ICB Lite 2.5
ICB Lite 2.5
Version: 2.5
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