The EA works on the MT5 netting account terminal. (you can test the EA in the tester and optimize the parameters on the history!)
New Strategy :
We know that highly correlated currencies almost always behave in a mirror. But there are moments of deviation (divergence of currencies) from the normal value.

The EA opens orders in the direction of currency convergence.
If the discrepancy occurs for a long time, the system is applied topping.
Clos, Clos closeprofit (the value in the Deposit currency at which all positions are closed), the EA closes trades.

For trading, we choose currencies with high correlation, for example:

In the parameters there is a point Instrument_2
This is the name of the second instrument bundle (the second currency pair)
The first is the one on which the adviser stands.
Instrument_2 empty and set the EA to one of the above pairs, the EA itself will determine the 2nd instrument.




If you need other options, you can write the names of any currencies, for example
USDCAD, USDCHF. You can use other options, such as gold-silver or oil and gas or shares of state corporations.
The main thing is that they have a high percentage of correlation.

The EA does not use indicators. It analyzes the divergence of instruments (in our case, currency pairs) in a given area.
Bar barswind is the number of the last candlesticks on which the analysis of currency divergence takes place.
If the charts of the instruments diverge by a certain distance, the EA opens a pair of counter trades in the hope,
that the instruments would come together again.
Delta (currency divergence) at which the first positions are opened is calculated by the following parameters:

K_Min_Points = 1.5-coefficient of the minimum Delta for open positions.
For example, over the last 100 candlesticks, the instruments diverged by a maximum of 200%.
The EA will not open positions if the current divergence is less than 133 = (200/1. 5)

K_Max_Points = 1.01-coefficient of rollback from the Delta maximum for opening positions.
For example, the maximum divergence for the entire period occurs on the current candle and is 150%.
We assume that the discrepancy may still increase and therefore do not immediately open positions.
To positions are not opened immediately and need this option. It does not allow trading until the Delta drops by a factor
up to 148 = (150/1. 01)

StartDelta1-minimum Delta of opening positions prevents opening when instruments do not diverge for a long time. This is the minimum Delta at which opening is allowed.

Topping-topping up additional positions. If after opening positions the prices of instruments continue to diverge,
the EA performs the refilling. Points of loss of positions are counted and at total divergence more, than Dolivka we open additional positions.

If desired, you can transfer the EA to manual trading.
To do this there are three buttons in the lower right corner
Leadership-translates the EA to the manual control mode. At the same time, he does not open or close positions.
The Open button opens a pair of counter positions on two instruments in the direction of the Delta convergence.
The Close button closes all positions.

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To work on the real world, you need to enter the key in the parameters (key). The key is tied to a specific trading account number. To get the key pay $ 150 (can be in rubles at the current rate). Keys for all updates You can get for free. You can also link the Advisor to Your name so that it can work on any accounts with any broker opened in Your name. This binding costs 200 usd.After payment, send the number Of your trading account on which the Advisor will work and the name of the Advisor

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