50 usd по текущему курсу
The cost for 1 trading account without time limits is 50 usd

The EA works on breakout or breakout from levels. Two strategies can be applied simultaneously.
Levels are determined by fractals and candles.
The EA opens a pending stop order on fractals or candle extremes.

BuyStop and SellLimit Advisor puts on the upper fractal or high candles. SellStop and BuyLimit at the bottom or LOW of the fractal candle.
For Stop and Limit orders in the options in the provided space. Thus, BuyStop can be placed just above the upper fractal, and SellLimit at the same time just below.
When the price reaches the level and beats off from it, the EA makes a profit on limit orders. If there was a breakdown and triggered a stop order, the profit is expected from the breakdown.

If the price does not catch the order and a new fractal is formed, the EA trawls orders for the price on new fractals or candles.
After the order is triggered, its stop loss is trailed according to the same principles. That is, the stop moves behind the price on the tops of fractals or extremes of candles.

if a new order appears, the EA averages them and trawls the total profit from the breakeven point.
If there is a situation when a lot of positions are open against the trend, then at a given drawdown the EA unloads the Deposit closing the distant positions at the expense of the accumulated profit.


Advisor shareware. You can test it on a demo account or in a tester. For a real account, you need a key. How to get a key to it for free read here здесь

EA FractalCandle 1,1limit
EA FractalCandle 1,1limit
Version: 1,1
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