property description ” Advisor managing individual SMARTHEDGE advisors. Shows which pairs of instruments are currently traded by SMARTHEDGE on this account.

  1. Traded instruments. Left button (9). When you click the button, the EA opens the window of the MAIN smarthedge EA with the specified tool.
  2. Trade Advisor SMARTHEDGE can be in automatic mode or in manual. These buttons can be switched modes. In manual mode there are two additional buttons “open”(10) and “close” (14) with their help you can directly from this panel to open and close positions on the main panel of the expert Advisor. To switch all expert advisors at once to manual or automatic mode at the bottom of the screen (11) there are two buttons “hand”and “auto”.
  3. The positions column shows the number of open pairs of positions and the total lot for the first instrument.
  4. The Profit column displays the current profit on open positions. At the bottom (12) is the total profit on all open positions.
  5. Max – the maximum divergence of currency pairs in a given area of the chart. All data is taken from the main SMARTHEDGE panel
  6. current Delta is the Current discrepancy. If the Delta value is greater than the minimum allowed to open Min_Points, the value is highlighted in green. (signal to open positions).
  7. Scalping-in the left column of scalping, the value of the minimum profit in the currency at which we close scalping positions is displayed. (The last two open positions on a pair of instruments). In the right column, their total profit in the Deposit currency.
  8. In this column, the accumulated profit will be displayed in the near future.
  9. Tool window where the main expert Advisor is installedSMARTHEDGE
  10. Buttons to open positions in manual mode.
  11. Buttons to switch all Windows to manual or automatic mode.
  12. Button to manually close all open positions. To the right of it is the total profit for all positions.
  13. Button to manually close all Skalping positions. To the right of it is the total profit for all Skalping positions.
  14. Buttons for closing positions in manual mode.

In version 1.03 added history block (9). The columns show the profit for today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, week month and all time, respectively. The profit is accounted for by the magics (column 8) with which THE smarthedge expert Advisor is launched.

  1. button to close all positions.
  2. profit on all open positions
  3. profit at which the EA will close all open positions. If 0 then auto-close is disabled.
  4. automatic closing unit
  5. profit of all scalping positions (opened last)
  6. button to close all scalping positions.
  7. Total profit of all scalping positions.

correct operation of the EA is possible only in the kit with the SMARTHEDGE EA version 7.03 and above. In earlier versions, not all features will be supported.
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The cost of the full version of the EA to work on a real account is 100 usd. On a demo account, the EA will work for free.

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Cm SMARTHEDGE Basket 1.12
Cm SMARTHEDGE Basket 1.12
Version: 1.12
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