The EA is designed to install and manage networks

Advisor buttons
“Buy Stop” – open a network of pending buy stop orders
“Sell Stop” – open a network of pending sell stop orders
“Buy Limit”- to open a chain of pending limit orders to buy
“Sell Limit” – open a network of pending sell limit orders
“Close Buy” – button to close the entire network and all open buy positions
“Close Sell” – button to close the whole network and all open sell positions
“Close” – button to close the whole network and all open positions
“Tral Profit” – button when pressed, the EA will trail the profit of all positions starting from ProfitStart

In the EA settings
OrdersBuyStop – number of BuyStop orders
OrdersSellStop – number of orders of the SellStop network
OrdersBuyLimit – number of orders of the BuyLimit network
OrdersSellLimit – number of orders in the SellLimit network

StepBuyStop – order step network BuyStop
StepSellStop – order step network SellStop
StepBuyLimit-step of BuyLimit network orders
StepSellLimit – order step network SellLimit

Lot-lot of the first order from the price, then by the formula
LotPlus-addition to the initial lot

For example
Lot = 0.1
LotPlus = 0.1

the first lot is 0.1
the second 0.1+0.1=0.2
third 0.2+0.1=0.3
fourth 0.3+0.1=0.4

FirstLevel-the distance from the price to the first order ( if 0 is opened with the StopLevel level ) can be changed in the upper right corner of the panel.

Profit taking 2-VA method:
ProfitClose-profit in the Deposit currency ( for example, put $ 100 when the total profit of the grid is $ 100 , it will be closed)
ProfitStart-profit to start trailing in the Deposit currency for example 50$
TralClose-closes when profit decreases for example the same$20
Profit reached 50, joined the trawl, the profit continued to grow to 60, then rolled back to 20 and all closed at $ 40 profit
pending orders are deleted, POPs up an alert with question to continue working? When you reply To On – set again.

Features of closing orders
First, the EA tries to close all orders counter-wise, then we close the market orders, starting with the largest volumes and deposits..

The EA can be tested and configured in the tester, but it is necessary in the visualization mode, as it does not press the buttons!

Платная версия этого советника советника начинается с версии 3,0

Cm Ea Manual Grid 3.0
Cm Ea Manual Grid 3.0
Version: 3.0
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Cm Manual Grid
Cm Manual Grid
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