The expert Advisor opens positions on trend lines.
Buttons on the chart – buy, sit, stop, profit

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Select Sell. After that, the line appears and we need to set it as needed. Click the stop loss button, select and set the desired line. Click the t. profit button and build the desired line.
An order is opened if the candle closes below the line. If only touch is set, the position will open without waiting for the candle to close at the moment when the price touches the line.
You can make top-UPS on new lines, stop and profit, in this case, is linked to the same lines SL or TP. If it is set to place stops at the broker, the expert Advisor puts the real SL and TP on the line and moves it if the line is inclined.
It is possible to open orders manually. For the adviser to pick them up, set magic = 0.
Stop loss and take profit lines can be moved manually.

The adviser is free and works without restrictions. If you need to add something to it, please contact

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