The cost of the key is 50 usdVersion with coefficients instead of 20 levels. The application has tests with default settings and a set for optimization.

The cm Averaging Expert Advisor uses the signals of the MACD and Stochastic indicators
The Expert Advisor has 3 options for opening the first position:

  1. The Expert Advisor opens two opposite positions at once.
  2. The first position is set manually or by a third-party Expert Advisor with the same magic.
  3. The Expert Advisor opens positions on stochastic when the main line of the stochastic crosses the indicator line and the stochastic is in the overbought or oversold zone. Additionally, transactions can be filtered by the MACD indicator.
    The overbought zone is above the level Levels
    the oversold zone is below the Purchase level (the levels are set in the parameters)

The Expert Advisor can open up to 8 positions in each direction ( you can specify your own lot, step and profit for each position )
It includes stop loss, trellingstop and parameters of stochastic, MACD indicators, i.e. if there is an intersection above the level
LevelSell, then a sale is opened, if below LevelBuy, then a purchase is opened
The profit is set from the point of the total breakeven
For example:
The Expert Advisor waits for a signal from the indicator, then opens the first position with a lot of 0.1 and sets it a profit of 50. Next, the Expert Advisor waits for the next indicator signal and checks – if the price has passed 10 points, then it opens the next position with a lot of 0.2 and puts a new profit(40 points) from the point of the total breakeven of these positions. Then it waits for the next signal in the same direction and puts the 3rd position with slot 0.3 and transfers the take profit of all three positions, etc. If false is specified to open all positions according to the indicator, then only the first position will be set according to the indicator, and the subsequent ones will be set from it at the distance specified in the parameters without taking into account the indicator.

Unlike a takeprofit, a stop loss is placed for each order separately. It is possible to enable the MACD filter in the Expert Advisor.
If the MACD value is higher than 0, then we allow buy, if below zero, we allow sell.

To work on a real account, you need a key. The key is linked to a specific trading account number. To get the key, pay$ 50 (it is possible in rubles at the current exchange rate) . Send the number of your trading account on which the adviser will work and the name of the adviser to the mail, Skype or WhatsApp
Skype: mqlcmillion
WhatsApp +79283690333
I will send the key in the return message. In the comments, specify the payment method. You can get keys for all updates for free. You can also link the Expert Advisor to your name so that it can work on any accounts with any broker opened in your name. Such a binding costs 200 USD.
You can get a key for free by opening an account under the affiliate program.
List of brokers:

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You can download and test the Expert Advisor here:

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Cm Average 151219
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