The script is intended for partial closing of an open position. The script closes the specified percentage of the position to which it was thrown with the mouse.

Example of work:

У нас зависла позиция 0,03 лота и мы хотим закрыть у нее только 0,01 лот.

Набрасываем скрипт на линию открытой позиции. и он закрывает 30% (0,01 лот)

Please note that if you set the slippage to be very large, the script will capture all positions in the range of the slippage (specified in points). that Is, if we want to close, for example, 50 % of the milestones of open positions, you can set the slippage = 9999999 and the percentage of order closing = 50

Cm CloseMousePercent
Cm CloseMousePercent
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