The Expert Advisor analyzes the prices of all trading instruments on the entire account opened in the market overview. The analysis takes place at the expense of other currency pairs linked by a single currency. The Expert Advisor rechecks each currency with all possible combinations of other currency pairs. Based on calculations, the Expert Advisor finds a pair for which the price should be higher or lower. And this is evidenced by at least 3-5 other currency pairs. (The number is set in the parameters). If the price is too high, then we sell the pair, if it is too low, then we buy. Immediately upon opening, install SL and TP. Closing can also be made based on the total profit of all open positions.

Adviser Parameters

  • TimeStart – trading start time in hours. It is forbidden to open transactions earlier than this time, but it is not forbidden to close them
  • timeEnd – trading end time in hours. After this time, it is forbidden to open transactions, but it is not forbidden to close them
  • LOT__
  • LotPercent = 0.0001; Lot is calculated as a percentage of the deposit, taking into account the value of the item of each currency.
  • OPEN____
  • spread excess ratio = 2.00; – the coefficient of excess of the spread, If the estimated price of the instrument differs from the real price by more than the spread multiplied by this coefficient, then we consider it a signal
  • signal confirmation = 3; – the number of confirmation signals from different currency pairs
  • MinSpread = 0; – minimum spread. You can set a fixed spread in case your broker has a 0 or too low spread. If the real spread is greater than the set value, then the real one will be taken into account.
  • Step % ADR period 14 – opening additional orders through a step in % of the average daily price movement. If the position has not been closed by TP or SL and the price has gone to the distance specified as a percentage of the average daily price, then an additional position is opened
  • CLOSE__
  • Profit_Close_All – The total profit of closing all positions in the deposit currency.
  • Profit_Close_One – profit of closing one position in the deposit currency
  • MinProfit – the minimum profit in case of an emergency time closure or an increase in the number of positions.
  • Stoploss – SL (0- off) % ADR period 14 Stop loss as a percentage of the average daily price movement
  • Takeprofit – P (0- auto offset) % ADR period 14 Takeprofit as a percentage of the average daily price movement. If TP=0 is set, then the EA puts a profit on the offset price. I.e. if the currency deviation at the time of opening was 10 p, then the TP will rise by 10 p.
  • TakeprofitOne – prohibit the installation of takeprofit to subsequent positions. If TakeprofitOne = true, then the TP is placed only in the first position, and all the others will be closed according to the total minimum profit in the deposit currency. TakeprofitOne = false disables this function.
  • Time Close (in minutes) = 60 The time after which we close at the minimum profit. If a position is open for more than 60 minutes, the ADVISER closes it at a minimum profit.
  • Key – The key for working on a real account
  • AlertON – Disabling aletra
  • Magic – magic number of the Adviser’s orders
  • ScreenShot – save screenshots for each action of the Expert Advisor

Description of the Adviser screen

  1. the number of instruments that are currently being analyzed
  2. The button for allowing the Expert Advisor to trade.
  3. The number of confirmations of the increase /decrease of the settlement price
  4. Minimum closing profit / Closing profit of a single position / Closing profit by the sum of all
  5. Button for manual closing of all positions
  6. The accumulated profit for the entire time of the adviser’s work for each pair separately.
  7. The percentage of the average daily price movement at which we top up positions. (0 – refilling is disabled)
  8. Operational information about the Adviser’s work
  9. Buttons for the direction and shutdown of trading for each pair separately. Up arrow – trade only Buy down – Sell cross – prohibited
  10. Price shift relative to the spread (by how many spreads the estimated price has shifted from the real one) The
  11. number and direction of open positions
  12. Profit in the deposit currency for open positions
  13. Profit in % of the daily price for open positions
  14. Event Feed
  15. Profit earned Adviser for today, yesterday, month ….
  16. Current account balance and equity

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The Expert Advisor is created in two versions for the MT4 and MT5 terminals. The cost of the adviser is 200 USD for 1 year or 300 USD without time limit.
Payment methods:
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