in version 3.75, I divided the parameters into blocks to better understand the work of the Expert Advisor.
1-installation block for tradable instruments
2-volume block
3-Correlation setting block
4-Correlation control block on the pair history
5-Closing profit setting block
6 – Order topping block
7-Filter block
8-Other parameters (visualizations, sending to email, alert…..)

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New version 3.5

The ability to optimize the use of different parameters

  • LossClose – if the loss in % of the Deposit exceeds the specified one, all trades on the pair are closed and the pair is disconnected from trading. To enable it, click the button again.
  • StopTradeAfterLoss if=true stops trading on the pair that received a loss
  • K_D – profit coefficient. He is involved in auto calculating the profit, if You want to deals close faster, increase this ratio. The profit at which trades will close can now be seen in the corner of the current profit cell.
  • changed the open market control by the time of receipt of the last minute candle
  • iterating over the TF M5 M15 M30 H1 simplifies optimization
    Added comments to the figures
    I brought the start Delta and the current Delta to the screen
    Displayed the number of positions, total lot, and type of open positions on the screen.
    I have added several parameters to the settings to enable their configuration and optimization
  • StepSpead – the step of topping up is measured in the number of spreads
  • LevelTralSpead – the distance to the virtual pending order is measured in the number of spreads. If set to 0, the EA immediately opens a position at the current price instead of a virtual order.
  • Percent_Delta_Open – percentage of the maximum Delta at which the first positions are opened
  • NoOpenSpread-the spread filter prohibits opening positions if the Delta is less than the spread (Delta < sum spread x – – NoOpenSpread)
  • TimeStart – start time of the expert Advisor
  • TimeEnd – the end time of the expert Advisor

Description of the adviser’s work

The expert Advisor does not require setting and optimizing parameters. At the same time, the expert Advisor can trade on hundreds of currency pairs. The trading principle is hedging (insurance of transactions). Thanks to this principle, the expert Advisor does not go into large drawdowns. The regulation of profitability is achieved through changes in the lot. The minimum recommended Deposit is from 500 usd with a lot of 0.01. At the same time, the expected profit will be 7-15% per month. You can leave the other parameters as they are. Or, if you want to set the closing at the specified value of the total profit or when the equity of the entire account increases.

The cross on the left side of the table indicates that the currency pair is disabled from trading. If You want to stop the EA completely, click all the crosses and wait for the EA to close all open positions. Further, it will not open new deals. When you click on the profit button, the expert Advisor will offer to close the currently available profit for this pair.
The two right columns are the profit for the current day and the total profit since the EA was launched. In the right information window, the expert Advisor tells You what actions it performs.
The expert Advisor works on both MT5 and MT4, but it is not possible to test the MT4 version in the tester due to the limitations of the MT4 tester.


  • Symbol 1 =”USDCAD,EURGBP,EURJPY,AUDCAD,EURUSD”; – line of the 1st set of tools
  • Symbol 2=”NZDUSD,GBPCHF,CHFJPY,NZDUSD,USDCHF”; – string of the 2nd set of tools
  • Bars Correlation =” 600 , 750 , 800 , 800 , 500 “;- number of correlation control bars. The first three rows are linked vertically. that is, the USDCAD currency corresponds to the NZDUSD currency and their joint correlation is calculated at 600 bars. If You want to exclude a pair of instruments from trading, then exclude them in the same way, for example, AUDCAD – NZDUSD – 800. If you need to add the number of traded instruments, you also add them at the end of the line. For example, we decided to add a GOLD-SILVER pair with 100 bar control. Just write them separated by commas:

You can select additional pairs for trading using the CORR script

  • TF= M5;
  • Lot – order volume. I recommend putting 0.01 on a Deposit of less than 500 usd. For cent accounts and other Deposit currencies, you need to select a lot. You can do this during optimization or during simple testing.
  • K_Correlation_Open – the minimum correlation coefficient at which positions can be opened. I recommend putting it 0.7-0.9. it doesn’t make sense to put it more than 1, since the correlation can’t be more than 100%.
  • MinProfitClose – minimum profit for closing positions. If You trade large volumes, then put it at 10-50 usd so that the positions on the reverse Delta do not close at a loss. When trading a lot of 0.01, you can set it = 0.
  • EquityCloseProfit – closing by % equity increment. Let’s say it costs 1% – the expert Advisor will open and close positions and when the equity increases by 1%, then all current positions will be closed, including unprofitable ones on the entire account.
  • SumProfitClose – the total profit of all open positions at which they are closed. You can leave 0 as the EA performs its own automatic calculation for each pair and closes the pairs separately. However, this can be useful in cases where a large number of transactions are open at the same time.
  • LossClose (ver 2.4) – the total loss at which the EA will close all positions. Specified in the Deposit currency (you need to set a negative number, for example – 1000 USD)
  • ProfitClosePercent – rollback of the profit trail in % if set to 0, the EA Will immediately close positions when the calculated profit is reached. If you put, for example, 50%, the expert Advisor will track the profit at the level of 50% until it closes the deals on the rollback of this profit.
  • MaxOrders – the maximum possible number of open positions for each pair. (not for all pairs together, but for each one) I recommend not to allow opening more than 3.
  • BarCorrKoef = 2000;//Bars Correlation Koeff
  • WindSize = 1.2; – size of table cells for better disp

Cost of the expert Advisor:
For 3 months, 1 trading account – 150usd
For a year 1 trading account – 400usd
No time limit on 1 trading account – 900 usd

Payment methods:

About its purchase, write to me

  • Email:
  • Skype: mqlcmillion
  • WhatsApp +79283690333
  • Telegram:   @mqlcmillion

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