The Super Setka Expert Advisor is an example of an automatic trading system based on the desire to earn always and a lot. In a series of grid Forex market advisors, the idea is embedded that the currency pair moves zigzag, with a frequent return to previous levels.

General description:

— sets two opposite grids of stop orders
— when a stop order is triggered, sets a network of limit orders
— profit on buy and sell orders is analyzed separately
— if the number of buy orders exceeds the value of N_Profit, then we increase the profit of closing Sell orders

Installation and Configuration

The installation of Super Setka is carried out in the same way as any other Expert Advisor. The downloaded ex4 file must be saved to the expert directory of your trading platform, then restart the terminal. Next, select the appropriate currency pair, time frame and transfer the Expert Advisor from the Navigator window to the open chart.

If you do everything correctly, you will see the same window as in the picture below.

In the “Input Parameters” tab, you can see the standard settings of the Super Setka Expert Advisor, which mean the following:

ProfitClose – here the income is indicated, upon reaching which all transactions will be closed. If the value 0 is specified in this line, it means that the Expert Advisor independently calculates this value.
KoeffProfit is an income multiplication factor. If you specify a value of 3 here, the Expert Advisor will withdraw profit 3 times more than expected.
Multi – this line indicates the multiplier of profit increase for transactions with a small lot size.
N_Profit – this line indicates the number of trades that will be opened in one direction before the lot is increased.
OrderAllClose – here you can specify the number of profitable trades, after which the closure of the entire grid will begin.
LossClose – here is the loss, upon reaching which all orders will start closing.
LossCloseSeriesPlusLossOrder – here you can specify the number of orders that will be opened in the other direction to compensate for losses.
LossCloseSeriesMinProfit – here is the value of the minimum income, upon reaching which the counter order will be closed.
OrderAllTrall – here you can specify the number of orders, after the opening of which the trailing stop will be enabled.
TrailingStop – the value of the trailing stop in pips is indicated here. If the value 0 is specified in this line, the trailing stop will not be enabled.
StepTrall – the step of the trawl is indicated here.
NoLoss – here you specify the value for transferring transactions to breakeven. If you specify the value 0 here, then breakeven will not work.
MinProfitNoLoss – the minimum value of income for 1 transaction is indicated here, upon reaching which the transaction will be transferred to break-even.
Buy – here you can allow the Expert Advisor to create deals like Buy Limit and Buy Stop.
Sell – here you can allow/prohibit the Expert Advisor to create transactions like Sell Limit and Sell Stop.
PutOnBars – here you can command the robot to open orders only after a new bar appears.
FirstStop – the distance to the first Stop order is indicated here.
FirstLimit – the distance in pips to the first Limit transaction is indicated here.
StepStop – the distance between transactions of the Stop type is indicated here.
K_StepStop – the step increment factor for Stop orders is specified here.
StepLimit – the distance between Limit orders is indicated here.
K_StepLimit – the coefficient of increasing the distance between Limit orders.
StopOrders – the maximum possible number of transactions of the Stop type is indicated here.
LimitOrders – the number of orders of the Limit type is specified here.
LotStop – lot size for Stop orders.
DigitsLot – the number of decimal places in the lot used is indicated here.
MaxPips – the maximum distance from the current price at which an order can be opened is indicated here.
Magic – here you specify the magic number that the adviser needs to distinguish his orders from others.
The effectiveness of the ADVISER largely depends on the money management system used. The creator of this robot claims that more than a hundred of his clients successfully earn on this Expert Advisor, although there is no real confirmation of this fact.

The EA is suitable for trading on any currency pair, on a time frame from M5 to H1.

Advantages of the Super Setka Expert Advisor

  • High level of profitability and small losses.
  • The ability to use it on any currency pair.
  • Work on the market at any time.

Cons of the Super Setka Expert Advisor

  • Staying in a drawdown for a long time, especially during consolidation in the market.
  • High load on the initial deposit, which can lead to its complete drain.
  • A large number of transactions entails spending on the payment of spreads.

From all of the above, it is not difficult to conclude that the Super Setka Expert Advisor is a grid robot. It has its pros and cons, which should definitely be taken into account when using it. Before using this Expert Advisor to trade for real money, I recommend testing it on a demo account. You can download the Expert Advisor itself and the set for its optimization by following the link at the bottom of the page.

The adviser is conditionally free. You can use it in the tester and on demo accounts without any restrictions. To work on a real account, you need a key. The cost of the key is 50 usd. More details….

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