The cost of the key is 50 usd

Automatic trading system

The Expert Advisor has no indicators.

The Expert Advisor places orders from the market at the moment when the current Bid price becomes more or less than the extreme of the last candle. If the price goes in the direction of profit, then after a given step it is allowed to place orders with the initial lot (according to the trend.) If the price goes against our order, the EA places orders with an increased lot. The signal for the resolution of the order is the same (changing the extreme of the candle).

Closing orders.
The Expert Advisor analyzes the breakeven amount of buy and sell orders.
The blue label is the breakeven of the ign
Red – breakeven sell
As soon as Buy is above the blue on Minprofit, and Ask is below the red on Minprofit, all orders will be closed.
Thus, orders are locked and the Expert Advisor passes even protracted trends.

cm_head_on 1


  • Step = 20; //distance between open orders in the order grid
  • Lots = 0.1; //if=0, the lot will be calculated as a percentage of free funds by RiskPercent %
  • RiskPercent = 0.01; //Lots = AccountBalance() * (RiskPercent / 100.0) / 10000.0
  • K_Lot = 1.5; //lot multiplication
  • DigitsLot = 2; //number of decimal places in the lot size (2 – 0,01) (1 – 0,1)
  • OrdersNoTP = 2; //the difference in the number of orders at which we allow trend orders
  • Minprofit = 2; //minimum profit
  • _____________ = “Filter Time”;
  • TimeStart = 0 , //time limit of the Expert Advisor
  • timeEnd = 24, //do not open orders and close deposits if the time is not between TimeStart and timeEnd
  • FridayHourClose = 16; //order closing hour on Friday

The adviser is conditionally free. You can use it in the tester and on demo accounts without any restrictions. To work on a real account, you need a key.
How to get a key for free

Cm Head On 6.2
Cm Head On 6.2
Version: 6.2
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