You should enter a key (number combination in the “Key” field) to start trading on a real account.

The key is linked to a specific trading account number.

To get the key, pay 50$ or the sum equal to the rouble equivalent of 50$ at the current rate of exchange.

Send me the number of your trading account, on which the Expert Advisor will work on, at or via Skype: mqlcmillion.

Specify your payment details in comments. Find out more about payment options –

To get the key for free, open account with one of my affiliate brokers.

The affiliate brokers and affiliate links are listed below:


Follow the link and open account using the affiliate code – “BWAO”:

You can make use of InstaForex rebate program.

To start using it, you don’t need to enter the affiliate code “BWAO” – just follow the affiliate link below:

After that, by clicking the link provided on the web-site, you will be taken on account opening form’s web-page on InstaForex web-site. You need to enter “instarebate” in the “Affiliate code” field.

After doing that, follow the link once again and register the opened account in the rebate program.

At that, you’ll get $1.5 per every lot onto your account!

If you register your account via the affiliate program, you’ll get several dozens of keys for various Expert Advisors linked to the account.

If you have an already opened account or you trade with another broker, you can just purchase a key for an Expert Advisor linked to your account.
Keys for any updates are absolutely free.
I can also link your Expert Advisor to your name so that it can work on any account opened in your name with any broker. It costs $200.
Don’t forget to e-mail me number of the account, when you open it, so that I can send you the keys in my reply letter.


Keys for some Expert Advisors developed after February, 2016 have a limited lifetime.
Keys for “fishing” (version 071216 and higher) and “Settler” (version 081216 and higher) EAs are valid within one year since its purchase.
If you opened your account via the affiliate program and you wish to extend a rental period for a key, you just need to e-mail me at and tell that the rental period for such account will soon expire.

There are other brokers who can open an affiliate program. To do this, please mail me